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This is the program guide for Conjecture 2013/ConChord 25. It should be suitable for use on most browsers and devices, and will be made accessible with additional functionality and information during the con itself.

Program and participant data will be kept updated as final changes and corrections are made. Also, the contents of this "Info" view will be updated with more information.

Start and end times for various areas

Dealers' Room2pm–7pm10am–6pm10am–4pm
Art Show2pm–7pm10am–6pm10am–4pm


What is this?

This is a mobile guide to Conjecture 2013/ConChord 25. It's a web page that works like a mobile app, so your browser should cache all of it and make it work when you're offline as well. The guide should work on most computers, phones and tablets that have some sort of relatively modern web browser, though on Windows phones the "Next" view may be buggy.

What's at work here is the magic of the HTML5 cache manifest. In order to make said magic work, about 1MB of your browser's memory is being used (probably without telling you anything about it). To clear that cache, you'll need to look at your browser settings, then something like Advanced > Website settings > [this site] > Clear stored data (details depend on your browser, OS, etc.)

This guide is an instance of KonOpas, an open-source project started by Finnish fan Eemili Aro to provide conventions with easy-to-use mobile-friendly guides. You can reach Eemili at I do a few other fannish things as well, like chair a bid for a Worldcon: Helsinki in 2017!

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